Repair 2GB PST

Repair corrupted 2GB PST file



"Thanks for the great software. It restored a PST mail file that was more than four years old with mail."

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Repair 2GB PST
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Oversized PST Recovery Utility To Fix Oversized PST File

Oversized PST recovery utility is an amazing application that helps you to overcome the issues created due to the oversized PST files. PST files are used to store personal data as calendars, journals, notes, mails, etc in Outlook. Outlook not only stores our data but brilliantly manages it. However, PST files are also prone to the usual problem of data loss. PST files may also get corrupted as a result precious data stored in it may become inaccessible.

There are several reasons for the corruption of PST files but among them one is oversized PST files. When you use your Outlook day by day size of your PST files keeps on increasing. As the size grows you may notice degradation in the performance of your PST files. And when the size reaches up to 2GB then it gets oversized severely corrupted. Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 stores .pst files in ANSI format which is the limitation of the size up to 2GB.


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If the size of the PST file grows more than 2GB then you won’t be able to send/receive mails further. Even you will not be able to access your mails and other data stored in it. As such it becomes very important to repair the corruption of PST files. Microsoft offers a very efficient oversized PST recovery utility as inbox repair tool. Inbox repair tool comes embedded with outlook. It accounts for repairing the minor corruptions but unfortunately it does not work as oversized PST recovery utility for the major corruptions.

Now the only left solution for this situation is to use commercial PST repair tool. PST repair tool is an amazing application that repairs the corruption of PST files. The tool makes use of advanced technique to rectify the oversized PST files issue. The tool is with user friendly interface that makes it best and easy to use oversized PST recovery utility. It is with free download also you can use that to test the efficiency of this tool.

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