Repair 2GB PST

Repair corrupted 2GB PST file



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Repair 2GB PST
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Compact PST Files And Repair Your Oversized PST Files

PST files keep all your important data in it as journals, calendars, emails, etc. it brilliantly stores all your personal data but issues starts arising when the size of the PST files start growing and reaches up to 2GB. As the file size grows nearly 2GB then it starts responding unexpectedly. It starts giving error and gets corrupted. As such you neither send any mails nor receive any mails further. Even you cannot access your any of the data stored in the PST files. As such it becomes very important to repair the corrupted oversized PST files.

To repair the corruption of the oversized PST files you need to compact PST files. To compact your PST files you need to perform manual steps as

  1. Go to file menu and click data file management
  2. Now select the PST files that you want to compact and then click on settings
  3. Click on compact now, click OK, and then click close

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    Note: there are different paths for different versions of windows. For Windows Vista, the default path of .pst files is drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. For Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the default path of .pst files is drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

    Performing these steps you can easily compact PST files and overcome the issue of corrupted PST files. But if the error still continues then you need to use the embedded tool of Outlook. Inbox repair tool is the embedded tool by Outlook that can repair the minor corruptions of PST files. However, unfortunately at times inbox repair tool fail to repair the corruption of PST files. In the fatal case of inbox repair tool the only left solution is PST repair tool. This professional application easily repairs all the damages and corruption of PST files and recovers the data with it. PST repair software is with highly interactive interface that lets users use this tool without any technical assistance.

    If you do not succeed in performing manual steps and compact PST files then go for PST repair software to repair the damages of PST files.

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