Repair 2GB PST

Repair corrupted 2GB PST file

Repair 2GB PST File

Repair 2GB corrupted PST file

Use when inbox repair tool fails to repair

Repair Quickly, easily and safely

Repair in few simple clicks

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Repair 2GB PST
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Corruption in any form and due to any reason causes data loss. PST file is also not the exceptional one. It may also corrupt and after this surely loss of all stored pst objects like email, notes, contacts etc. All these items are really very important for any Outlook user. 2GB size problem is one of the major causes for corruption and itís after effects. Solution is only to repair 2GB PST file which has been corrupted.

PST file is solitary email storage solution. Without launch of browser you will be in touch with your associate with this application. PST file is the storage place of different items of MS Outlook application like email messages, calendar, task, contact, notes, journal etc. With the rapid use of Outlook application day by day lots of items adds up in PST file and this increase the size of file. Outlook 2002 or earlier version get size related problem. Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 stores .pst file in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) format which has the problem of size limit. There is size limit of file up to 2GB. Whenever file reaches up to 2GB or exceed to it, Outlook users start getting problem with their Outlook application.

After this situation application start responding slow. Beside slow performance of application, corruption is one more issue which is associated with 2GB related problem. There is other also reasons for corruption in PST file like virus attack, improper use of application, power failure, file system error, software malfunction etc but 2GB size problem is major one in Outlook 2002 or earlier version.


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With the corrupted 2GB PST file user get s problem in accessing pst file, users are not able to add new items to it, there will be problem in sending or receiving and synchronization of email. Whenever users try to open 2gb corrupted pst file encounter with the error messagesó

  1. File path\filename.pst could not be accessed.
  2. The set of folders could not be opened.
  3. Outlook cannot open the data file filename until it has been checked for problems.
  4. Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size.
  5. Unable to display the folder, Outlook.pst could not be accessed, access denied.

These messages are enough to understand you need to repair corrupt 2GB pst file otherwise you will loss you all stored emails and other pst objects.


Inbox repair tool is the official utility which you can use to repair corrupted PST file but this utility is really not sufficient to repair oversized PST file. It fails to repair corruption is PST file size is up to 2GB or more than this. Tool runs to repair if file size reduce to 2GB. For this you can use crop utility which reduces file size by deleting any objects stored in file but this is not the right solution as you will lose some objects from it. Running the compact operation on an oversized file can result in loss of important attributes. Other than this Microsoft hasnít provided any utility to repair 2GB pst file.

In this condition to repair corrupt 2GB pst file you can take help from third party outlook PST repair tool. This tool is designed with the advanced program which is efficient to repair corruption caused due to any reason unlike MS Outlook repair tool. User friendly interface guide you throughout the repair process to make it easy for everyone especially who is not technically expert. It repair 2GB pst file without affecting any objects of file. Safely recover all the items present in 2GB corrupted pst file.

Although Outlook 2003 or 2007 store .pst file in Unicode format hence it is not limited with the size issue. It can store up to 20 GB. But with the oversize problem can also make it corrupted. With the oversize it also get slow performance and with the slow performance of outlook while storing, sending, accessing or receiving email can cause corruption in it and there you need this tool.

Steps to Repair corrupted 2GB PST file

Step 1:

Launch PST repair software

Step 2:

Now search for Corrupted PST file

Step 3:

Select Corrupted PST file

Step 4:

Now Start Scan

Step 5

It scans file and wihin few minutes repair it, depedning on the size of PST file and show repaired file

Step 6

By default you can save file at its original place but you can also change the destination of folder

So what are you waiting for just download and easily repair corrupted pst of 2GB

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